👾ToON Team and Viral Methods

The Current Maintainer

ToON.ORG is a team of experienced professionals who have successfully launched several applications that have caught the world's attention.

Our previous projects, such as Photo Lab, ToonMe, and NewProfilePic, have received more than 250 million downloads over the past two years. The team's creations have been ranked #1 in the App Store and Google Play in the US, China, Japan, and many other regions, highlighting their potential for going viral.

Our Beliefs

At the core of our mission lies the conviction that widespread adoption of Web3 technology hinges on developing viral-focused products that seamlessly align with user desires. Our overarching goal centers on creating unique viral tools designed for universal accessibility.

By harnessing these tools' inherent virality, every network participant acts as a catalyst for project development. As our products garner increasing engagement and introduce more individuals to the Web3 realm, this ripple effect fuels organic build-up across the ecosystem.

Unleashing Web3 Vitality through User-Friendly Steps

In pursuing a Web3 future, we firmly believe that the path to widespread adoption commences with accessible, user-friendly initiatives.

To acquaint people with Web3 technology and provide them with a positive introduction, we are diligently developing the ToON products. This intuitive tool empowers users to craft distinctive digital artworks and transform them into NFTs, thereby democratizing access to the Web3 sphere.

Our approach leverages the power of virality, mirroring the success of our previous applications, to connect with a broad audience. This strategic approach lays a sturdy foundation for the next phase of Web3 mass adoption.

We invite you to join us in embracing the vitality of Web3 - a realm where decentralization empowers individuals and innovation thrives.

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